Al-Hewar Center Continues Serving the Community and the Goal of Open Dialogue

Al-Hewar magazine (featuring The Arab-American Dialogue) is currently celebrating its 10th year of publication. We are proud of its accomplishments over the past decade, on many levels, for its service to Arabs and Arab culture, and for its positive role in establishing a successful experiment in Arab dialogue.

In furtherance of this goal, the magazine established Al-Hewar Center in the autumn of 1994 as an open place for dialogue among all Arabs who wished to participate, and between Arabs and others, through weekly meetings and events, totaling 345 to date. The magazine also established a Website in order to reach out to new generations and to the entire world.

The experience of Al-Hewar Center is, above all, an experiment on a small scale of what needs to be done on a large scale throughout the Arab world: to work for coordination; and to believe in the right of others to think and believe as they wish and to look for the commonalties among people of differing opinions.

But due to unresolved financial problems, Al-Hewar Center is being forced to reduce the number of activities it hosts. Although the financial problems remain severe, the Center plans to continue, in a limited way, its work and the work of Al-Hewar magazine. We hope that our members and subscribers will continue to be part of the dialogue, and that anyone who can provide additional support will recognize the value of the experience at Al-Hewar Center and donate as generously as they can in order to help the Center overcome its current difficulties.

Despite the financial difficulties, the Center will continue to invite interesting speakers and host discussions. Membership in the Center will continue in the same way, and we hope that our members will continue to be part of the dialogue. We also hope that those who can provide additional support will recognize the value of the Center experience and donate as generously as they can. It is our hope to surmount these difficulties, with the help of our members and friends and even people who have never been to the Center but appreciate the value of its work, and in the near future make the positive experience of the Center even better. Al-Hewar magazine, now entering its 11th year of publication, will also continue to serve the community and the goal of open dialogue. u

- Al-Hewar Magazine &
- The Arab American Dialogue