To God All Religions Belong

By Ahmad Shauqi
Translated by Suheil Bushrui

To God all religions belong -- whomever

He wills He guides,

Calling each single soul through the voice

of Faith to His side,

The many Faiths that exist, no hostile

feeling or strife

Ever must quicken to birth in those to

whom He has given life.

All creeds and holy books, all messengers

from God's hand,

Are treasures beyond price to those who


The essence of all true Faiths, are God's love

and His fear,

The rock beneath His laws to all who serve

Him here.

In what those laws decree all goodness is enshrined;

Their interdicts ward off all evil for


Among their virtues, Tolerance shines forth

with brightest gleam,

In holiness Sublime, it crowns them all Supreme.

From Ahmad Shauqi's “Eid al-Dahr”

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