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About Al-Hewar Magazine...
And Al-Hewar Center

    Al-Hewar Magazine, featuring the English supplement The Arab-American Dialogue, has worked since 1989 to be a voice for intellectual opinions related to the Middle East and Arabic and Islamic issues.  The magazine is intended to serve as a forum for dialogue among the diverse opinions of Arabs as well as others with an interest in the Arab world and its culture and politics. The magazine covers a wide variety of subjects.   The magazine was originally published with Arabic and English sections.  Those sections were then separated for several years into two different magazines, one in Arabic and one in English.  In March 1999, the magazines were again combined into one to serve as the voice of Al-Hewar Center.  The magazine is published quarterly as of the Fall 2000 issue (Volume 12).

    Al-Hewar Center and Al-Hewar Magazine, were founded upon a deep belief in dialogue and its enormous benefits to the Arab community.  The events and speakers hosted by the Center tell an incredible tale of a community coming together to share experiences and learn from one another in order to become stronger and more purposeful.

    Over the years, the Center and the magazines have provided a forum for Arabs to share their diverse opinions about a myriad of issues. We believe that the United States offers Arabs from different countries and backgrounds the unique opportunity and the freedom to come together to express their opinions and find common ground about many important issues.  It also provides the opportunity for Arabs to show the best of Arab culture and Islamic civilization to the larger American society. However, none of this can be achieved without a better understanding by the Arabs of their own culture nor without the unity of purpose that results from discussing and sharing opinions.  It is with these goals in mind that Al-Hewar Center established its unique and effective style of open and respectful dialogue, often playing a role similar to university conflict resolution departments, focusing on subjects related to Arab issues and culture.

    It is hoped that this style of open intra-Arab dialogue is laying the foundation for an Arab Renaissance.

    Al-Hewar Magazine features transcripts from the lively and informative lectures and panel discussions that take place at Al-Hewar Center about Arab politics, culture, society, religion, business and more, by prominent thinkers, activists, businesspeople, diplomats, and others, providing a special glimpse into Arabic culture, religion, politics and civilization.

    Both the English and Arabic sections of the magazine are written in an accessible style -- not overly scholarly, not superficial.  As we say, they're "not too heavy, not too light- they're just right!"  We invite you to subscribe -- we think you will enjoy our unique perspective!

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    Supporting Al-Hewar Center means supporting greater unity, understanding and respect among the Arab community that the Center has been so successful at galvanizing and nurturing!  Just imagine what could be achieved in the Center were able to flourish...

    Because we care so much about the issues affecting the community, our motto has always been "We subscribe to your issues..."  There has never been a more important time for you to subscribe to ours.

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