A Special Evening to Celebrate Al-Hewar Center's 19th Anniversary!
and to support our activities

December 15, 2013

at Dewan/Jerusalem Restaurant, 3403 Payne Street (at Route 7/Leesburg Pike), Falls Church, VA 22041

The Program Featured:

  • Buffet Dinner

  • Music and Poetry by Sudanese Oud Player and Artist Dr. Abdel Karim Alkabli

  • Music and songs by Palestinian artist Fuad Foty   (see also this YouTube Video:  Sejil Ana Araby  and his Facebook page: Foty Fusion)

  • Speeches by Dr. Clovis Maksoud and Sobhi Ghandour

  • A special video about Al-Hewar Center prepared by Mohamed Said Ouafe

  • Readings of short poems by Mohamed ElShinawi -- Abeer Kayed -- Abdallah Hassan -- Omar Khaldieh -- Mohamed Said Ouafe

If you would like to support our activities, please send contribution to:  Al-Hewar Center, PO Box 2104, Vienna, VA 22180

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