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We are proud to announce that Al-Hewar Magazine and The Arab-American Dialogue have just celebrated their 9th anniversary! Beginning with this issue, the magazines are entering their tenth year of publication. Both the magazines, which were established in 1989, and their progeny, Al-Hewar Center, which was established in December 1994, were founded upon our deep belief in dialogue and its enormous benefits to the community.

Over the years, we have provided a forum for people to share their diverse opinions about a myriad of subjects. Some of the opinions published in the magazines or expressed at the Center have been greatly popular, while others were severely protested; but through it all, we have maintained the position that there should be a platform where disparate opinions can be aired through open, honest, and respectful debate, in order to lead to some consensus within the community on the important issues. With the unity that derives from consensus, the community can then take meaningful and effective action.

The platforms of the magazines and Al-Hewar Center have come at great personal sacrifice to us, especially financially, but our belief in their importance has never wavered. Even as our debt continues to mount, we continue to do the work. To save printing costs, we use small fonts to try to pack as much information as possible into each issue of the magazines because we want to give as much as possible to our readers.

We would like to thank those of you who have subscribed to the magazines and the Center and who have provided contributions in the past. Your support has been invaluable. We would also like to ask those of you who believe in our work, but do not currently subscribe to do so now. All support is urgently needed. A subscription to both magazines is only $3.33 per month (the cost of two cups of coffee), and a membership in Al-Hewar Center, which hosts at least one, and often more, events per week, is less than $3 a week. This is not too much to ask if you consider what you get for your money.

Because we care so much about the issues affecting the community, our motto has always been "We subscribe to your issues…" There has never been a more important time for you to subscribe to ours.

The Arab American Dialogue
& Al-Hewar Magazine

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