With this issue, Al-Hewar Magazine continues to celebrate its 11th year. Over the years, the magazine was not intended to be merely a publication; rather, it was designed to serve a goal, play a role, and establish a style. The goal is to serve Arabic culture and create greater understanding among the members of the Arab and Arab American communities; the role is to promote a dialogue among these members in order to achieve that understanding; and the style embodies a unique form of dialogue that encourages an open exchange of ideas and opinions and respects the rights of others.

Al-Hewar Magazine was established in 1989 in order to provide a written platform for differing and varied opinions among the members of the Arab community and others with an interest in Arabic culture, Islamic civilization and the politics of the Middle East. Al-Hewar Center soon followed as a place for a face-to-face dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Both experiments in dialogue have been successful in bringing the community together and changing its perceptions about how ideas and opinions can be shared. There has been a noticeable positive improvement in the way in which the members of the community communicate with each other.

Since it opened, Al-Hewar Center has held over 400 meetings and events. This summer, the Center hosted the following:

The experience of Al-Hewar Center is, above all, an experiment on a small scale of what needs to be done on a large scale: to work for understanding and cooperation; to respect the right of others to think and believe as they wish; and to look for the commonalities among people of differing opinions. 

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