Embassy of Lebanon Statement on the
Recent Israeli Aggression Against Lebanon

In the last few days, Israeli warplanes have repeatedly violated Lebanese airspace, bombed 3 major power stations in Beirut, Baalbek and Tripoli, and injured more than 17 civilians in the attack. Last June, they did the same. In both cases, these attacks destroyed vital infrastructure, leaving much of the Lebanese population, without electricity and inflicting hardship on innocent men, women and children as well as hospitals and homes for the aged. 

By attacking civilian targets in Lebanon, Israel has violated international law, moral principles, the U.N. Charter, and the 1996 US brokered April Understanding between Lebanon and Israel which forbids attacks on civilians. Israel's attacks on civilians and civilian targets were totally unprovoked, since they were preceded by resistance attacks against military units occupying Lebanon which were conducted within acceptable rules of the April Understanding. Israel's use of these resistance attacks as a pretext to bomb civilian targets all over the country thus amounts to collective punishment and is illegal under international and humanitarian laws. Furthermore, the use of US weapons in carrying out such attacks is a gross violation of the arms export control act PL-90-829.

Lebanon condemns these illegal aggressions against its people and calls for the US government and the international community to do the same. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has already deplored Israel's attack on Lebanon. 

Whatever the rationale, deliberate attacks on civilians and civilian targets are unjustifiable and should be strongly condemned. In order to understand the significance of the Israeli occupation in South Lebanon and its continued aggression against the Lebanese people, it is imperative that the media cover the stories in a fair and objective manner. 

Lebanese-Americans, Arabs and other citizens who believe in promoting a fair press, are encouraged to monitor news reports and oppose any distorted and biased reports by calling press offices, radio and television stations. Furthermore, all are urged to write to their congressmen to express their outrage at the continued illegal occupation by Israel of Lebanese territory and at Israel's deliberate attacks on the civilian population and targets. 

Furthermore, it is vital that the damages be repaired as soon as possible. Doing so requires a substantial amount of resources and efforts. The Lebanese Government has already started the rebuilding process, in spite of the acute shortage of means and the difficult economic situation confronting Lebanon. 

Your contribution to this effort would expedite the process and would be an eloquent expression of your solidarity with Lebanon and with the Lebanese. Together, we would prove that Lebanon is capable of resisting aggression and of rebuilding itself. 

Your support is needed, appreciated and will make a difference. Please send your checks to the 
Embassy of Lebanon, 2560 28th St., NW,  Washington, D.C. 20008, in favor of the following account:
Account for Contributions - # 700362123
The Central Bank of Lebanon
Beirut - Lebanon

Farid Abboud

For more information, visit the Website of the Embassy of Lebanon 

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