NOTICE:  Qaddiya wa Hewar was a weekly show on ANA Radio before ANA stopped broadcasting in September 2000.  

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"QADDIYA wa HEWAR " with Host Sobhi Ghandour

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Date of Show Subject Guest(s)
August 28, 2000 An Interview with Mohsin Al-Aini, the former Prime Minister of Yemen Mohsin Al-Aini
August 21, 2000 Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian Right of Return Khalid Turaani,
Usama Mohammad (Texas)
Hanna Hanania
Eyas Hmouz (Tennessee)
August 14, 2000 "The Implications of Gore's Choice of Joseph Lieberman for Running Mate"  Dr. Edmund Ghareeb
August 7, 2000 "Iraq and the Arab World 10 Years After the Invasion of Kuwait" Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra
Dr. Mohamad Finaish
July 31, 2000 "The Role of Arab Americans in the American Election" Dr. Jamil Shami
July 24, 2000 "Egypt: The Location, the Identity, the Role" Mr. AbdulRahman Salah
July 17, 2000 "The Israeli-Palestinian Summit" Dr. Fawzi Al-Asmar,
Dr. Ahmed Yousef
July 10, 2000 "The Camp David Summit and the Palestinian Refugees" Dr. Mohammad Hallaj
July 3, 2000 "The Role of the Arab Intelligentsia" Dr. Nadim Bittar
Dr. Nasr Arif
Dr. Khalid Abdalla
June 26, 2000 "The Arab World After Its Historic Leaders" Dr. Khalid Abdalla
Dr. Nasr Arif
June 19,2000 An Interview with Al-Tayeb Saleh Al-Tayeb Saleh
June 12, 2000 "Syria After Hafez Al-Assad" Mr. Jamil Sakhr,
Mr. Kamal Chatila, and
Mr. Mounzer Sleiman
June 5, 2000 "The Influence of the 1967 War on the Question of Arab Identity" Dr. Mahrez El-Husseini
May 29, 2000 "Lebanon: What's After Liberation?" Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Farid Abboud, Dr. Clovis Maksoud, and
Dr. Khalid Abdalla
May 22, 2000 "Remarks on the Methods of Change and Resistance in the Arab World" Dr. Nasr Arif,
Dr. Ashraf Beyoumi, and
Dr. Ali Attiga
May 15, 2000 "Palestinian Issues" Dr. Hisham Sharabi
May 8, 2000 "The Role and Identity of the Arab Community in the United States" Dr. Abdul Kader Fustok, 
Dr. Bassem Khafaji and
Mr. Mohammed Jaber
May 1, 2000 "The Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon" Dr. Abdulla Bouhabib
April 24, 2000 "The Arab-Israeli Conflict and UN Resolution 425 Regarding Lebanon" Mr. Kamal Chatila
April 17, 2000 "Normalization Between the Arabs and Israel" Dr. Kamal Khaldi and
Mr. Mounzer Sleiman
April 10, 2000 "Kahlil Gibran and Al-Rabita Al-Qalamiya" Dr. Suheil Bushrui
April 3, 2000 "The Situation in Iraq" Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani
March 27, 2000 "The Pope's Visit to the Holy Land and the Clinton-Assad Geneva Summit" Father Emil Salayta and
Dr. Kamal Khaldi
March 20, 2000 "The Status of Arab Women" Dr. Azizah Y. al-Hibri
March 13, 2000 "The Role of Arab Young Adults" Dr. Tarek Omar and
Mr. Hanna Hanania
March 6, 2000 "The Israeli Attack on Lebanon and the Arab League Meeting in Beirut" Ambassador of Lebanon Farid Abboud
and Dr. Khalid Abdulla
February 28, 2000 "The Iranian Elections" Mr. Sadek Sulaiman and
Dr. AbdulKhaleq Abdullah
February 21, 2000 "Required Elements for an Arab Renaissance" Mr. Al-Kassem Al-Wazir
February 14, 2000 "For Love of the Nation" Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani and several other poets
February 7, 2000 "The State of the United States" Dr. Edmond Ghareeb
January 31, 2000 "The State of the Arab World in the New Century" Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra
January 24, 2000 "The Arab National Conference in Beirut" Mr. Samir Trabulsi and
Dr. Usama Mahyou
January 17, 2000 "The Water Crisis in the Middle East" Dr. Rushdi Said
January 10, 2000 "The Syrian-Israeli Negotiations" Several Arab Journalists in Washington, D.C.
January 3, 2000 "Moderation and Extremism" Dr. Nasr Arif and 
Mr. Kamal Chatila
December 27, 1999 "Jerusalem" Archbishop PHILIP Saliba,
Father Emile Salayta and
Dr. Ahmed Yousef
December 20, 1999 "Al-Sharq Ousatiya (Middle Easternism)" Dr. Ali Aqla Ersan and
Dr. Khalid Abdalla
December 13, 1999 "The Syrian-Israeli Negotiations" Open Discussion
December 6, 1999 "Remarks About Arabist and Islamist Movements" Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani,
Dr. Clovis Maksoud and
Mr. Sadek Sulaiman
November 29, 1999 INTRODUCTORY SHOW:  "Arab Culture and the Question of Identity" Mr. Sadek Sulaiman

You can purchase an audio cassette of any previous edition of "Qaddiya wa Hewar," by sending your name and address to Al-Hewar, P.O. Box 2104, Vienna, Virginia 22180, USA, with a check or money order  (in US Dollars only, payable from a US Bank) for $5.00 for each show that you wish to receive ($6 for Canada, $7 for all other countries).   Be sure to specify the date of the original show .

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