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Do you want your business to reach thousands of potential new customers?
Do you have a product that can be ordered over the internet?
Do you want to reach the Arab and Muslim communities in the United States?

You Can Reach Thousands by Advertising at !!

Take advantage of these great deals:

Your ad will feature your logo with a link to your Website for these reasonable rates:

$100 for one month (30 days)

$150 for two months (60 days)

$200 for three months (90 days)

$60 per month for four months or more

To advertise on our site, e-mail your artwork (gif, jpg, png) and Website address to
Your ad will be posted immediately upon approval* and receipt of payment.

Send check or money order to:
Al-Hewar, P.O. Box 2104, Vienna, Virginia 22180, USA

To pay by credit card via PayPal:

Choose Timeframe


For more information, call 703-281-6277

*We reserve the right to not accept ads or links to/from sites that contain offensive or inappropriate material or that are incompatible with the nature and content of our Website.
We make no guarantees or representations as to the number of hits or visits that will be received by our Website or yours.

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