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Magazine Advertising Rates
(As of September 2008)

Inside Cover - $600
(Full Page = 7-1/2" x 10")

Initial Page - $500
(First page of Arabic or English Section)

Full Page - $400
(7-1/2" x 10")

Half Page - $250
(9-1/2" x 3-1/2" OR 7-1/2" x 4-1/2")

Quarter Page - $150
(4-1/2" x 3-1/2")

Eighth Page - $80
(Business card size - 3-1/2" x 2")

Take Advantage of Our Repeat Discounts!
15% discount for running ad two times or more

Prices apply to camera-ready black & white ads.
Add $200 for each additional color.
Additional 20% charge for the preparation of artwork.

 Since 1989, Al-Hewar Magazine, featuring the English supplement The Arab-American Dialogue, has worked to be a voice for intellectual opinions related to the Middle East and Arabic and Islamic issues.   The magazine is intended to serve as a forum for dialogue among the diverse opinions of Arabs as well as others with an interest in the Arab world and its culture and politics.
The magazine covers a wide variety of subjects and is published quarterly.

Deadlines for submitting ads are as follows:

Fall Issue:  End of October

Spring Issue: End of April

Winter Issue: End of January

Summer Issue: End of June


Advertising in Al-Hewar means:

Reaching Arab American organizations, religious centers, social clubs, embassies, schools, universities and other American institutions with Middle Eastern studies.

Reaching a larger, more diverse audience because the magazine is published in both Arabic and English and is distributed across the U.S., Canada, and several countries overseas.

Being noticed -- ads in magazines are more visible than ads in other types of media -- and they are on view longer in libraries and doctors' offices, on coffee tables, shared among acquaintances, etc.

Thousands of people read Al-Hewar.   Fifty percent (50%) of the copies are distributed in metro Washington, D.C.  (Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington).  The remainder are sent to many cities throughout the United States, Canada, and several countries overseas.

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