Al-Hewar Center Enters Millennium 

with Discussions of Depth and Diversity

After celebrating its 6th anniversary last November, Al-Hewar Center has entered the new millennium with an abundance of interesting weekly discussions on such diverse topics as the situation in the Occupied Territories, discrimination in the US workplace, Libya, Islam and Arabism, the countries of the Nile, the new Bush Administration, developments in US immigration laws, the Gulf War, and Individuality in the Arab Lifestyle, among others.

Since it opened in December 1994, Al-Hewar Center has provided a place for an open, respectful exchange of opinions and ideas. To date, the Center has hosted over 430 meetings and events, including panel discussions on a wide variety of topics, youth meetings, a book sale and exhibition, receptions, musical performances, poetry readings, and conversations with thinkers, activists, politicians, business leaders, and artists.   From the beginning of 2001, the Center has hosted the following:

Al-Hewar Center is an experiment on a small scale of what needs to be done on a large scale: to work for understanding and cooperation; to respect the right of others to think and believe as they wish; and to look for the commonalities among people of differing opinions. The Center’s main goal is to help the diverse members of the Arab community discover their commonalities and reach consensus on critical matters, so most of the discussions take place in Arabic. But the Center also hosts events in English from time to time in order to help achieve greater understanding between Arabs and the larger American society.  For more information, including the Center’s calendar of upcoming events, interesting articles, links to Arabic radio and TV, and much more, visit our Website. To become a member or subscribe, look for the subscription coupon.

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