Al-Hewar Center Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

Al-Hewar Center, was established on December 18, 1994, as a forum for dialogue designed to promote a deeper and clearer understanding of Arab culture. One of the main goals is to emphasize the culture, history and issues shared by all Arabs while at the same time honoring and respecting their diversity as a community.

As the Center celebrates its fourth anniversary, every member of the Center and subscriber to its publications (Al-Hewar Magazine and The Arab-American Dialogue) should recognize and be proud of what has been learned and accomplished in over 320 meetings and events about a wide-range of issues important to the Arab community (see the comprehensive lists of events and speakers on the following pages). Those who attend regularly have learned and shared much, and have increased their ability to hear and express opinions, to tolerate different opinions, to change opinions and to defend opinions. People who come to the Center for the first time are often astounded to hear such a diversity of opinions being expressed and heard in an atmosphere of respect and openness.

On the occasion of the Center's Fourth Anniversary we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to its success.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our members, subscribers, and contributors, because you are the lifeblood of the Center and the guarantee of its future. Since Al-Hewar Center opened, we have posted on the wall a monthly list of all kinds of income received by the Center, including new and renewed memberships, contributions and other kinds of income so that our sources of income would be clear and there would be no doubt that we are, indeed, an independent forum. Although the Center has come at great personal and financial sacrifice (these four years have put us in over $100,000 of debt), without your financial support, we could not survive from month to month. Your moral and financial support has encouraged us to continue the mission and to keep striving to find ways to make it survive and grow.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed by sharing your knowledge and experience - as speakers, moderators, and audience members - and to everyone who has contributed to the dialogue - both positively and negatively - because through these experiences, Al-Hewar's unique discussion format took shape, and this format is the soul of the dialogue experience at Al-Hewar Center.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered in the past and the present to help raise funds, prepare events, and help with administrative matters. Your help has been invaluable in a situation in which too few people are having to do too much.

And thanks to everyone who has provided advice, remarks and suggestions to help the Center grow and achieve its mission and to everyone who has attended the Center and been a part of the success of this unique experiment in continuing dialogue in which Arabs from all countries and all beliefs are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Al-Hewar Center
December 1998

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