The Arab American Dialogue
Volume 9, No. 2, November/December 1997

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The Arab-American Dialogue is a cultural and political magazine published in metropolitan Washington, DC, by Al-Hewar Center, Inc. It is designed to serve Arab Americans and all others with an interest in events in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and the Arab World. Statements and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of
The Arab-American Dialogue.

November/December 1997 - Table of Contents
  • Experts Maksoud, Anthony and Curtiss Discuss U.S.-Arab Relations at Al-Hewar Center
  • Arabs, Arab-Americans and Globalization by Dr. Houda Gamal Abdul Nasser
  • Washington Post Reports: Even Allies Resent U.S. Dominance by William Drozdiak
  • From 1967 to 1997: Learning from Our Mistakes by Dr. Clovis Maksoud
  • Unity is Key for U.S. Muslim Political Strength by Richard Curtiss
  • The Shura Principle in Islam by Sadek Jawad Sulaiman
  • The Role of the Mosque in Islam by Nabil Hijazi
  • Surviving Oslo: Political Imperatives Facing the Palestine National Movement and the Palestinian People by Laura Drake
  • Edward Said Calls for Honest Dialogue Between Palestinians and Israelis by Laurie King-Irani
  • James Sams Denounces Senators' Campaign Against U.S. Policy of "Evenhandedness"
  • The Representation of Islam in the American Media, Part 2 of 2 by Omer Awass
  • Injecting Pragmatism into the Arab Popular Discourse: Seeking New Foundations and Discarding Old Myths by Suliman Mustafa
  • Opinion: Netanyahu, an Emperor, of Sorts by Ludwig W. Tamari
  • Arab and Muslim Americans Participate in President's Hate Crimes Summit
  • King Fahd Outlines Principles of Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy
  • Kuwait Parliamentary Delegation Visits Americas
  • Women in Lebanon: Partners in Forging the Future by Nayla Moawad
  • UAE Celebrates 26th National Day
  • Washington Welcomes Prince Khalid
  • Muslims Angered by Pat Robertson Remarks
  • Profiles: Dr. Ali Mazrui
  • Lebanese-Born Sarkis Khoury Runs for Congress
  • Spotlight: Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America
  • Community Capsule
  • Poetry by Adonis Bouhatab
  • Al-Hewar Center Celebrates Third Anniversary


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