Al-Hewar Center celebrated its 5th anniversary in December 1999! We are proud of its accomplishments over the past half-decade, on many levels, for its service to Arabs and Arab culture, and for its positive role in establishing a successful experiment in Arab dialogue.  The Center is an open place for dialogue among all Arabs who wish to participate, and between Arabs and others, through weekly meetings and events totaling over 370 to date. This Website was also established in order to reach out to new generations and the entire world.
    The experience of Al-Hewar Center is, above all, an experiment on a small scale of what needs to be done on a large scale throughout the Arab world: to work for coordination and for the right of others to think and believe as they wish, and to look for the commonalties among people of differing opinions.
    Despite some financial difficulties, the Center continues to invite interesting speakers and host discussions and Al-Hewar Magazine (entering its 11th year of publication!) continues to be published, and we hope that our members and subscribers will continue to be part of the dialogue. We also encourage those who are not involved to become members of Al-Hewar Center or subscribe to the magazine.  Additionally, we hope that the people who recognize the value of the experience of Al-Hewar Center will donate as generously as they can to help the Center and magazine continue and make the positive experience of both even better.
    To help the Center, you can become a member and/or send a donation to: Al-Hewar Center, P.O. Box 2104, Vienna, Virginia 22180.  Click here to join Al-Hewar Center or subscribe to Al-Hewar Magazine.


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