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Volume 11, No. 1, July/August 1999

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The Arab-American Dialogue is a cultural and political magazine published in metropolitan Washington, DC, by Al-Hewar Center, Inc. It is designed to serve Arab Americans and all others with an interest in events in the Middle East, US-Arab relations, and the Arab World. Statements and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of
The Arab-American Dialogue.

Contents of July/August 1999 Issue of
The Arab American Dialogue

US Mideast Policy is Contradictory, Frustrating (p. 4)

Israeli Settlements and U.S. Policy
A Policy Brief by the CPAP (p. 6)

Facts About Jerusalem (p. 8)

American Christian Delegation Finds Extreme
Injustices Against Palestinians in Jerusalem (p. 9)

Ambassador of Lebanon at Al-Hewar Center:
Lebanon Will Fight Corruption by "Authority of Law"
(p. 10)

Arab-American and American Muslim Organizations Sign Landmark Cooperation Statement (p. 11)

Kuwait Cabinet Passes Sweeping Reforms:
An Interview with Dr. Shafeeq Ghabra,
Director of the Kuwait Information Office
(p. 12)

National U.S.-Arab Chamber Gala "Great Success":
Congressman Bonior Speaks out for Arab and Muslim Americans’ Civil Rights (p. 16)

Groups Denounce Nomination Withdrawal
of Respected Muslim from
Counterterrorism Commission (p. 17)

New Books (p. 18)

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