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Events Hosted by Al-Hewar Center in 1994-95


12/27/95: Meeting for Members of Al-Hewar Center at the new location: Review of the First Year of Al-Hewar Center [Arabic]

12/17/95: Reception: To Celebrate First Anniversary of Al-Hewar Center [Arabic & English]

12/13/95: Mrs. Baha El-Omary Khikhia: Observance of the Second Anniversary of the Disappearance of Dr. Mansour Khikhia, Secretary General of the National Libyan Alliance [Arabic]

12/10/95: Ambassador of Mauritania Ismail Ould Iyahi: On the Occasion of the 35th National Day of Mauritania [Arabic]

12/6/95: Open Discussion and paper by Dr. Ayman Al-Ouri Lessons Learned from the American Constitutional Experience about Democracy and Unity [Arabic]

12/3/95: Dr. Suheil Bushrui and Mariam Qasem El-Saad: An Evening with Gibran Khalil Gibran on the 100th Anniversary of his coming to America [English & Arabic]

11/29/95: Mr. Khaled Saffouri, Director of American Task Force for Bosnia: The Peace Agreement Signed in Dayton, Ohio [Arabic]

11/26/95: Dr. Khaled Al-Methkoud, Head of the Advisory Committee to Implement Sharia in Kuwait: Islamic Societies and the Sharia [Arabic]

11/22/95: Anwar N. Haddam, President of the Parliamentary Delegation of the Algerian FIS: The Question of Democracy in Algeria [Arabic]

11/21/95: Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Riad Tabbarah: A conversation on the occasion of the Independence Day of Lebanon [Arabic]

11/15/95: In coordination with IIIT: A luncheon meeting with Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Shamseddin, at the Adams Center, Herndon, Virginia [Arabic]

11/15/95: Ala Al-Din Al-Araji, of the United Nations’ Arabic Club: Creating an Encyclopedia of Arab Immigrants [Arabic]

11/13/95: Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Shamseddin, Head of the Islamic Shi’ite Council in Lebanon: Special Meeting co-sponsored by St. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church [Arabic]

11/12/95: Dr. Abdallah Bouhabib, Advisor to the Vice President and Chief of External Affairs for the Middle East and North Africa Unit of the World Bank: The World Bank and the Arab World [Arabic]

11/8/95: Dr. Mohamad A. Rabie and Dr. Mamoun H. Fandy: Heritage and Modernity in Current Arabic Thought [Arabic]

11/5/95: Dr. Abdel-Aziz Said and May Rihani: An Evening with Ameen Rihani’s Thought: "Confronting our Differences to Discover our Similarities" [English]

11/1/95: Open Discussion and paper by Sobhi Ghandour, publisher of Al-Hewar Magazine: The Question of Democracy in the Arab World [Arabic]

10/29/95: Dr. Abdul Khalek Abdullah, visiting professor at Georgetown University: Arab Gulf Relations: Realities and Expectations [Arabic]

10/25/95: Mr. Mohamed Hakki, President of the Arab Network of America (ANA): The Role of the Arab Media in the United States [Arabic]

10/22/95: Special Evening with Sudanese Writer Al-Tayeb Salib [Arabic]

10/18/95: Mr. Aziz Fahmy, Bureau Chief of MBC in Washington, D.C.: Documentary about the 1967 War and the American Ship "Liberty" with comments by the producer of the documentary [Arabic]

10/15/95: Mr. Abdelmalik al-Hammar, former Head of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates: The Islamic Banking System [Arabic]

10/11/95: Dr. Albert Mokhiber and Jalal Haidar: On the Tenth Anniversary of the Assassination of Alex Odeh: Remarks about the Counterterrorism Bill [English]

10/4/95: Open Discussion: The Current Situation in the Arab World [Arabic]

9/27/95: Panel Discussion featuring Dr. Clovis Maksoud, Dr. Rushdi Said, Dr. Abdul Monem Al-Mashat: Egypt and Arabs: 25 Years After Gamal Abdul Nasser [Arabic]

9/24/95: Dr. Azizah Al-Hibri, professor at Richmond University Arab Women After the Beijing Conference [Arabic]

9/24/95: Film: About the National Day of Saudi Arabia [Arabic]

9/20/95: Monsignor Paul Saliba, Head of Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church in Washington: The Future of Arab Christians in the Middle East [Arabic]

9/15/95: Visiting Ambassador from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Dr. Hamdi Saleh: The Current Situation in the Arab World [Arabic]

9/13/95: Slide Presentation and Comments by Dr. Saadoon Al-Hassan: A Tour of the Ancient Civilization of the Tigris and Euphrates Valley [Arabic]

9/8/95: Dr. Ahmad Al-Tuwaijri, Former Dean of King Saud University in Riyadh: Thoughts about Arabism and Islam [Arabic]

9/6/95: Dr. Yahyia Al-Masri, Director of Arabic Department at the Islamic Saudi Academy: The Beauty of the Arabic Language [Arabic]

8/11/95: Special Meeting with Mr. Mejdi Hussein, Editor-in-chief of Al-Shaab Newspaper in Cairo [Arabic]

8/2/95: Special Meeting: To Review the Experience of Al-Hewar Center [Arabic]

7/30/95: Film by Bassem Al-Mousallem: Documentary "The Making of the Arabs" [English]

7/26/95: Ambassador of Bahrain Dr. Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar: The Role of the Arab Gulf in the Future of the Middle East [Arabic]

7/23/95: Film and Discussion: Gamal Abdul Nasser - his life, his thought, his revolution [Arabic]

7/19/95: Hassan Abdel-Rahman, Chief Representative of the PLO in Washington, D.C.: Prospects of the Palestinian-Israeli Accords [Arabic]

7/12/95: Sadek Sulaiman: Some Definitions of the "Human Being" in Islamic Thought [Arabic]

7/5/95: Youssef Abdul Samad: Poetry Reading [Arabic]

6/28/95: Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President of IIIT: Arab Society: Between Religion and Secularism [Arabic]

6/25/95: Dr. Philip Salem, Director of Cancer Research at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston, Texas: Lebanon after the Peace Settlement: After Surviving the War, Will it Survive Peace? [Arabic]

6/21/95: Panel Discussion featuring Culture Attachés: Dr. Hamad El-Salloum (Saudi Arabic), Dr. Abdul Monem Al-Mashat, (Egypt) and Dr. Youssef El-Ibrahim (Kuwait): Role of the Culture Attaché in Projecting Arab Culture [Arabic]

6/18/95: Reception and Poetry Reading to Celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Al-Hewar Magazine [Arabic]

6/14/95: Ambassador of UAE, Mr. Mohammad Al-Shaali: Iran and the Arab Gulf Countries [Arabic]

6/11/95: Dr. Hala Maksoud, Professor of International Relations at George Mason University: Arab Women and the Challenges of the 21st Century [Arabic]

6/7/95: Dr. Samih Farsoun, Professor of Sociology at American University in Washington, D.C.: The Prospects of Palestinian-Israeli Relations [Arabic]

6/4/95: Open Discussion: Realities and Aspirations of Arab Youth [Arabic]

5/31/95: Dr. Suleiman Al-Jarallah: Islam in Orientalist Studies [Arabic]

5/24/95: Mr. Mazhar Al-Samman: Opportunities for Arab-US Trade [Arabic]

5/17/95: Panel Discussion featuring Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Amoudi, President of the American Muslim Council (AMC), and Mr. Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR): How to Deal with the American Public [Arabic]

5/14/95: Ambassador of Egypt Ahmad Maher El-Sayed: The Middle East… Challenges and Aspirations [Arabic]

5/7/95: Dr. Suheil Bushrui: The Message of Immigrant Arab Literature [Arabic]

5/3/95: Dr. Edmund Ghareeb: Arabs and the American Media [Arabic]

4/30/95: Documentary Film by Meaun Al-Jabiry: "Rasheed Street," about the life of a street in Baghdad, followed by discussion with the director. [Arabic[

4/26/95: Open Discussion and paper by Sobhi Ghandour: The Role of the Arab Intellectual [Arabic]

4/23/95: Dr. Mona Abu Fadl, author of Where East Meets West: Video: "1492: The Shattered Utopia" preceded by introduction by Dr. Abu Fadl and followed by discussion [English]

4/19/95: Ambassador of Jordan, Dr. Fayez Tarrawneh: Jordan and the Peace Process [Arabic]

4/12/95: Open Discussion and papers by Sadek Sulaiman, Sobhi Ghandour, and Faisal Mousmar: Diversity and Dialogue [Arabic]

4/5/95: Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT): The Etiquette of Disagreement and Dialogue in Islam [Arabic]

4/2/95: Film: Jordanian Play: "Welcome to the New World Order" [Arabic]

3/29/95: Mr. Hamza Moghrabi, President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC): The False Image of Arabs and Muslims in the United States [Arabic]

3/22/95: Dr. Clovis Maksoud: The Arab League and the Future of Arabism (Held under the patronage of the Arab League Mission) [Arabic]

3/15/95: Ambassador Faisal Al-Hajji, Undersecretary of Information of Kuwait Kuwait and the Future of the Security of the Gulf [Arabic]

3/8/95: Former Ambassador, Mr. Sadek Sulaiman: Elements of a New Arab Perspective [Arabic]

3/5/95: Professor Irfan Shaheed of Georgetown University: The Poetry of Ahmad Showki [Arabic]

2/25/95: Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Riad Tabbarah: The Prospective Economic and Social Development in Lebanon [Arabic]

2/22/95: Ambassador of Yemen Mr. Mohsin Al-Aini and Ambassador of UAE Mr. Mohammad Al-Shaali: Arab Attempts at Unity [Arabic]

2/18/95: Open Discussion: Arabic Civilization or Islamic Civilization? [Arabic]

2/11/95: Dr. Azizah Al-Hibri: Western vs. Eastern Perspectives on Women’s Rights [Arabic]

2/8/95: Ibrahim Al-Wazir: The "Mind Method" of Islam [Arabic]

1/28/95: Dr. George Atiyeh, Head of the Near East Section of the Library of Congress: The Arabic Side of the Library of Congress. Also included a Poetry Reading. [Arabic]

1/21/95: Dr. Hisham Sharabi, professor at Georgetown University: Recommendations for the Civil Society in the Arab World [Arabic]

1/17/95: Ambassador of Lebanon, Dr. Riad Tabbarah: The Current Situation in Lebanon and the Negotiations with Israel [Arabic]

1/14/95: Chief of Arab League, Dr. Khalid Abdulla: The Future of Arab Solidarity [Arabic]

1/7/95: Open Discussion: About the Arab Identity [Arabic]


12/27/94: Special Meeting with a diverse group of Arabs: To give advice, ideas and suggestions for Al-Hewar Center [Arabic]

12/18/94: Grand Opening of Al-Hewar Center


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