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Events Hosted by Al-Hewar Center in 1997


12/17/97: Dr. Yvonne Haddad, Professor at Georgetown University's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, about "Islam, Christianity and the West" (in English and Arabic)

12/14/97: Ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Mohammad bin Issa, about "The Political and Cultural Life of Morocco" (in Arabic)

12/10/97: Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shaali, about "The Constitutional and Economic Experience of the United Arab Emirates" (in Arabic)

12/6/97: Dr. Ali A. Mazrui, Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton, about "Islamic Values, the Liberal Ethic and the West" (in English)

12/3/97: Dr. Ayman Al-Ouri, Director of the Washington Center for International Studies, about "Methods of Political Analysis" (in Arabic)

11/21/97: An Evening of Music and Poetry to Celebrate the THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF AL-HEWAR CENTER! (Holiday Inn in Tysons Corner, Virginia). Hosted by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani. Featuring Opening Words by Dr. Irfan Shahid, and Music and Poetry by Rose Debbas, Nohad Al-Hayek, Omar Al-Issa, Adel Kadi, Mike Maggio, Mohammad Al-Nye, Mohamed Said Ouafi, May Rihani, Mariam Qassem Saad, Fouad Tera, Fatima Bakr Younis

11/19/97: Dr. Victor Al-Zmeter, Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of Lebanon: "Thoughts about and instruction from existence of the Jewish State" [Arabic]

11/16/97: Ambassador of Syria, Mr. Walid Al-Mouallem: "The Syrian Perspective on the Current Situation in the Arab World" [Arabic]

11/12/97: Ambassador of Jordan, Dr. Marwan Al-Muasher: "The Peace Process and Democracy in Jordan" [Arabic]

11/5/97: Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President, School of Islamic and Social Sciences (SISS): "The Elements Lacking in the Though and Actions of Modern Islamic Movements [Arabic]

10/29/97: Writer and professor, Dr. Edmund Ghareeb: "American Interests and Priorities in the Middle East" [Arabic]

10/22/97: Dr. George Irani and Mrs. Laurie King-Irani: Their new book Lessons from Lebanon: The Relevance of Acknowledgment, Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Resolution of Protracted Intercommunal Conflicts [Arabic]

10/15/97: Film: Jordanian Play "Welcome, New World Order" [Arabic]

10/13/97: President of the Algerian National Observatory of Human Rights, Mr. Kamal Razaq Barah: "Human Rights and the Democratic Process in Algeria" [Arabic]

10/12/97: Panel Discussion featuring Dr. John Duke Anthony; Dr. Clovis Maksoud; and Mr. Richard Curtiss: "U.S.-Arab Relations: Where They Are, Where They Are Going" [English]

10/8/97: Ambassador of Lebanon, Dr. Mohamad Chatah: "An Overview of the Internal and External Policies of the Lebanese Government" [Arabic]

10/5/97: Panel Discussion featuring Dr. Mamoun Fandy and Mr. Khalil Jahshan, with remarks by Ms. Houda Tawfiq and Mr. Sobhi Ghandour: "U.S.-Arab Relations: Where They Are, Where They Are Going," [Arabic]

10/1/97: Mr. Sadek Sulaiman, former Ambassador of Oman: "Arabs and the American Constitutional Experience" [Arabic]

9/28/97: Documentary: About The 27th Anniversary of Nasser’s Death followed by an Open Discussion about Nasser’s Legacy [Arabic]

9/26/97: Former Prime Minister of Algeria Mr. Abdelhamid Brahimi; former Secretary General of Hamas Algeria Dr. Sa’ad Mursi; and Secretary General for the Movement for Democracy in Algeria, Mr. Khalid bin Isma’il: Whither Algeria?" [Arabic]

9/24/97: Dr. Khalid Abdulla, Chief Representative of the League of Arab States: "After a Century of the Zionist Movement: What’s to Come?" [Arabic]

9/17/97: Delegation of the following Members of the Parliament of Kuwait: Dr. Naser Jasim Al-Sana’, Mr. Talal Othman Al-Sa’eed, and Dr. Hassan Abdullah Jawhar: [Arabic]

9/10/97: Dr. Nasr Mohammad ‘Arif, Visiting Professor from Cairo and Award-Winning Author: "The Sources of the Political Heritage of Islam" [Arabic]

9/3/97: Dr. Mohamad Mehdi, President of the National Arab and Muslim Council: "Lessons from an Arab’s Experience in the United States" [Arabic]

8/27/97: Documentary Film by Bassem Musallam: "The Making of the Arabs" [English]

8/20/97: Palestinian Writer and Journalist Raji Habib Sahyoun: About His book, Lest We Forget [Arabic]

8/13/97: Mr. Mohamad Wahbi, Washington Bureau Chief of Al-Hilal publications: "The Jewish Lobby in America" [Arabic]

8/6/97: Open Discussion: "The Situation in the Arab World Seven Years After the Invasion of Kuwait" [Arabic]

7/30/97: May Rihani: "The Thought and Writings of Ameen Rihani" [Arabic]

7/25/97: Panel discussion featuring Ambassador of Egypt Ahmed Maher Al-Sayed; Dr. Clovis Maksoud; Dr. Rushdi Said; Mr. Sadek Sulaiman. Moderated by Dr. Fawzi Heikal "45th Anniversary of Nasser’s Revolution in Egypt" [Arabic]

7/23/97: Film: "Nasser ‘56" [Arabic]

7/16/97: Open Discussion and Documentary: "The United States and the Gulf" [Arabic]

7/11/97: Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA): "The Recent Congressional Vote on Jerusalem" [English]

7/9/97: Documentary Film by Mohammad Elsetouhi and Mohammad Thuruchad: About Terrorism in the United States [Arabic]

7/2/97: Special Evening: to resume the activities of Al-Hewar Center after a hiatus in June, and to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Al-Hewar Magazine. Including a poetry reading. [Arabic]

5/28/97: Dr. George Younan, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Hakim Magazine published by the National Arab American Medical Association (AAMA ): "The Conflict Between Nationalism and Regionalism" [Arabic]

5/23/97: Special Event at the Holiday Inn in Tysons Corner, Virginia with Former Prime Minister of Sudan, Mr. Alsadeq Al-Mahdi: General Comments about the Arab World and Sudan

5/21/97: Member’s Platform: Dr. Safei El Deen Hamed: "The Islamic Movement in North America" [Arabic]

5/19/97: Panel Discussion featuring Mr. Leslie L. Campbell, Middle East Regional Director for the National Democratic Institute; Ms. Laura Drake, Editor, Middle East Affairs Journal; and Dr. John Duke Anthony, President and CEO of the National Council on US-Arab Relations: "Impressions About the Yemeni Elections" [English]

5/18/97: Arabist Thinker and Writer, Dr. Nadim Al-Bitar: "The Decline of the Arab Intelligentsia" [Arabic]

5/14/97: Dr. Peter Gubser, President of ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid): "The Social and Humanitarian Situation in the Palestinian Lands" [English]

5/7/97: Dr. Rushdi Said, former member of the Egyptian Parliament: Realities and Illusions about the Current Situation in Egypt [Arabic]

5/5/97: Special Meeting for Members of Al-Hewar Center: To discuss ways to raise support for the Center [Arabic]

4/30/97: An Evening of Poetry organized by ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani [Arabic]

4/28/97: Special Meeting with the Head of the Union of Architects in Jordan, Mr. Leith Al-Shoubailat [Arabic]

4/23/97: Members Platform: Mr. Salem Omeish: "The Role of Foreign Investment in the Economies of Developing Countries" [Arabic]

4/18/97: Film: "Sayyed Darwish"- story of the famous nationalist Egyptian musician [Arabic]

4/16/97: Mr. Sam Husseini, ADC Media Director and Mr. Rafat Dajani, Director of the American Committee on Jerusalem: A special evening about Jerusalem in coordination with ADC. Featuring the video: "Jerusalem: An Occupation Set in Stone" [English]

4/11/97: Video and presentation by Dr. Hussein Shawwar from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America: "The Meaning of Hajj - the Pilgrimage to Mecca" [Arabic & English]

4/9/97: Dr. Mohammad Zabarah and Dr. Abdo Al-Sharif, Visiting Professors from Sana’a University, with remarks by Mr. Ahmad Al-Kibsi, diplomat from Embassy of Yemen: "Expectations Regarding the Parliamentary Elections in Yemen" [Arabic]

4/5/97: Panel Discussion at The School of Islamic and Social Sciences (SISS) in Leesburg, Virginia. Main paper presented by Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President of SISS, with remarks by Dr. Clovis Maksoud, Mr. Sadek Sulaiman, Mr. Samir Karam, and Sobhi Ghandour. Event moderated by Dr. Khalid Abdulla, Chief Representative of Arab League: "The Consequences of Religious Divisions in the Arab World" [Arabic]

4/2/97: Dr. Philip Salem, Director of the Cancer Research Program at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas: "Arab-American Intellectuals: A New Opportunity and a New Challenge" [Arabic]

3/30/97: An Evening of Poetry and Music, featuring Qatari musician Omar Al-Issa [Arabic]

3/28/97: Film: "Naji Al-Ali," the life story of the famous Palestinian cartoonist [Arabic]

3/26/97: Member’s Platform: Hassan Al-Talib and Nabil Al-Moufti: "Elements of Investment and Financial Planning" [Arabic]

3/23/97: Ms. Ramzia Abbas Al-Riyani: "The Literature of Yemeni Women Writers" [Arabic]

3/19/97: Dr. Nasser Mohammad ‘Arif, visiting professor from Cairo University to Georgetown University: "The Difference Between Civilization and Culture" [Arabic]

3/16/97: Dr. Suheil Bushrui, Director of the Kahlil Gibran Chair at the University of Maryland: "An Arab Looks at Himself" [English]

3/14/97: Mr. Victor Al-Zmeter, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Lebanon: "A Day of Solidarity with Lebanon: a Look at Israeli Intervention from the 1978 Invasion through the 1996 Qana Massacre: The Need to Implement UN Resolution 425" Featuring Documentary Films [Arabic]

3/12/97: Members’ Platform: Dr. Wajih Maalouf, Agricultural Development Specialist: "Women and Rural Development" [Arabic]

3/9/97: Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Al-Bayoumi, former professor in Egypt and the United States: "The Risks of Asharq Awsatiya" [Arabic]

3/7/97: Film: "Tharthara Fawq Al-Nil,"a story by Nagib Mahfouz [Arabic & English]

3/5/97: Middle East Specialist Laura Drake: "Netanyahu: The First Year in Power" [English]

3/2/97: Open Discussion: "The Definition of Arab Unity" [Arabic]

2/26/97: Mr. David K. Shipler, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author and Former The New York Times Foreign Correspondent: "Arab and Jew: The Psychology of Peace" [English]

2/24/97: Members’ Platform: Mr. Bassam Haddad: "The Politics of Economic Reform in Late Developing Countries: A Middle Eastern Case" [Arabic]

2/19/97: Dr. Mohamad Finaish, Economic Consultant and former Executive Director at the IMF: "The Role of State in a Changing World Economy– The Case of Arab Countries" [Arabic]

2/17/97: Members’ Platform: Dr. Hafez Fanous: "From Illness to Wellness to Wholeness" [English]

2/12/97: An Evening of Poetry and Music organized by Ms. Nahida Dajani [Arabic]

2/10/97: Members’ Platform: Mr. Mounzer Sleiman: "A Critique of Samuel Harrington’s Book, Clash of Civilizations" [Arabic]

2/5/97: Conversation about "Islam and Muslims in the United States" [Arabic]

2/3/97: Members’ Platform: Mr. Asiddeq Al-Jarani: The American Libyan Friendship Association [Arabic]

1/29/97: Dr. John Duke Anthony, President of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations: "Perspectives on the Future of U.S.-Gulf Relations" [English]

1/27/97: Members’ Platform: Mr. Al-Qassem Al-Wazir: "A Vision of Democracy" [Arabic]

1/24/97: Film: "Shaqa’ik el-Na’aman" by Duraid Lahham [Arabic]

1/22/97: Ambassador of Algeria Mr. Ramadan Alamamra: "The Question of Democracy in Algeria" [Arabic]

1/20/97: Members’ Platform: Dr. Maurice Attiyeh: "The Digestive System: in Health and Sickness" [Arabic]

1/17/97: Film: "The Rainmaker" a Play by Duraid Lahham [Arabic]

1/15/97: Mr. Sobhi Ghandour, Publisher of Al-Hewar Magazine and Director of Al-Hewar Center: An Overview of the Thought of Distinguished Egyptian Arabist Thinker and Writer, Dr. Esmat Saif Al-Dowla [Arabic]

1/13/97: Members’ Platform: Mr. Sadek Sulaiman: "The Connection Between Truth and Honesty" [Arabic]

1/12/97: Kais Al Kalby, Islamic thinker: "Historical Facts About the Holy Land" [Arabic]

1/8/97: Dr. Khaled Abdallah, Chief Representative of the League of Arab States to the United States: Economic Development: Purpose and Meaning [Arabic]

1/6/97: Special Meeting for Al-Hewar Center Members: Review of previous year’s events and suggestions for the upcoming year [Arabic]

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