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Events Hosted by Al-Hewar Center in 1996


12/18/96: Reception: To celebrate Second Anniversary of Al-Hewar Center

12/11/96: Dr. Daniel Rainey, Julia Morelli and Mohammad Hakki: Media and Image-Building [English]

12/4/96: Nayla Moawad, Member of the Lebanese Parliament and President and Founder of the René Moawad Foundation: Democracy in Lebanon [Arabic]

12/1/96: Panel Discussion: Dr. Clovis Maksoud, Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, Mr. Sadek Sulaiman, and Dr. Taisir Nashif: Democratic Thought and Current Experiences with Democracy [Arabic]

11/27/96: Mr. Mohammed Al-Shaali, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates: Part of "Arabs and Israel Between War and Peace", a series of discussions with some Ambassadors in Washington [Arabic]

11/20/96: Dr. Sulaiman al-Jarallah, Director of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America: What is ‘Al Wahhabiya’? [Arabic]

11/17/96: Mr. Walid Al-Mouallem, Ambassador of Syria: Part of "Arabs and Israel Between War and Peace", a series of discussions with some Ambassadors in Washington [Arabic]

11/15/96: Film: Al-Houdoud (The Borders) by Duraid Lahham [Arabic]

11/13/96: Ambassador of Kuwait, Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah and Mr. Talal Al-Ayar, the Vice Speaker of the Kuwaiti Parliament: Remarks about the Recent Elections in Kuwait [Arabic]

11/11/96: Member Platform: Salah Al-Banna His Master’s Thesis [Arabic]

11/6/96: University Professor and Expert on Kurdish Matters, Dr. Edmond Ghareeb: "The Kurdish Issue" [Arabic]

11/1/96: Mr. Ahmed Maher El-Sayed, Ambassador of Egypt: Part of "Arabs and Israel Between War and Peace", a series of discussions with some Ambassadors in Washington [Arabic]

10/30/96: Former Senator Charles Percy: Middle East Issues in an American Election Year [Arabic] 

10/27/96: Dr. Azizah El-Hibri, Professor at the University of Richmond: Is the Western Way the Way for Muslim Women to Obtain Their Rights? [Arabic]

10/16/96: An Evening with ART Satellite TV: Showing of the presidential debate between Bill Clinton and Robert Dole followed by an open discussion [Arabic]

10/11/96: Film: "Omar Al-Mouktar", directed by Mustafa Akkad (Story of nationalist Libyan leader who fought the Italian occupation) [Arabic]

10/9/96: Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Riad Tabbarah and Ambassador of Jordan Dr. Fayez Tarawneh: Part of "Arabs and Israel Between War and Peace", a series of discussions with some Ambassadors in Washington [Arabic]

10/2/96: Mr. Ernest B. Dane, III, retired Foreign Service: Who Controls the American Media? [English]

9/29/96: Documentary: About the life and leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasser followed by an open discussion about Nasser and 40 Years after the Suez War [Arabic]

9/25/96: Mr. Namir Ali Jawdat, Middle East Consultant: The Current Situation in Iraq [Arabic]

9/20/96: Concert and Recital Featuring Simon Shaheen, Ghada Ghanem and Youssef Abdul Samad: An Evening of Music, Songs and Poetry [Arabic]

9/18/96: Sculptor and Professor of Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of the University of Baghdad, Mohammad Ghani: Contemporary Iraqi Sculpture [Arabic]

9/13/96: Film: "The Message", starring Anthony Quinn and directed by Mustafa Akkad [English]

9/11/96: Dr. Yehyia Al-Masri, Head of the Arabic Language Department at the Islamic Saudi Academy: The Richness and Music of the Arabic Language [Arabic]

9/6/96: Delegation from Eight Arab Countries in coordination with USIA: The Future of the Water Crisis in the Middle East [Arabic]

9/4/96: Panel Discussion: Dr. Hala Salaam Maksoud, Professor at George Mason University and Dr. David Khairallah, Professor at George Washington University: The Elections in Lebanon and the Question of Democracy [Arabic]

8/28/96: Dr. Suha Sabbagh, Professor at Birzeit University: Women’s Rights in the Arab World [Arabic]

8/25/96: Book Exhibition

8/23/96: Film, featuring comments by award-winning actress of the film Mrs. Fatimah ‘Amara: Al ‘Ard, directed by Youssef Shaheen [Arabic]

8/16/96: Minister of Islamic Affairs of Kuwait, H.E. Dr. Ali Fahd Al-Zumai: Arab Thought (Fiqr) and the Challenges of the 21st Century [Arabic]

8/14/96: Panel Discussion: Dr. Taha Jaber al-Alwani, Dr. Mohamad Rabie, Dr. Mona Abul Fadl, and Mr. Sadek Sulaiman: Democracy and Shura [Arabic]

8/7/96: Open Discussion: The Anniversary of the Gulf War: Lessons for the Arab World [Arabic]

8/2/96: Dr. Hassan Wagieh, Visiting Professor from Cairo: Political Dialogue and the Language of Negotiation in the Arab World [Arabic]

7/31/96: Taibah A. Al-Ibrahim, Kuwaiti Author: Arabic Science Fiction Literature [Arabic]

7/29/96: Open Discussion: The Definition of Arabism [Arabic]

7/26/96: Delegation from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Syria and Yemen: Participating in a study on The Role of Religion in America [Arabic]

7/24/96: Ambassador of Egypt, Ahmed Maher El-Sayed: Egypt's Role in the Arab World: A Celebration of Egypt's 44th National Day [Arabic]

7/17/96: Dr. Taysir Nashif, Office of Conference and Support Services of the United Nations: "The Possibility of Israel Using Its Nuclear Weapons" [Arabic]

7/10/96: Dr. Irfan Shaheed, Professor of Arab and Islamic Literature at Georgetown University: "Women in the Mirror of Modern Arabic Poetry: Ahmed Shawqi [Arabic]

7/7/96: Reception: To Celebrate 7th Anniversary of Al-Hewar Magazine

7/3/96: Dr. Neil H. Wright, Director of International Education at Eastern Kentucky University: Migrating to Survive: The Odyssey of the Self in Al-Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North [English]

6/30/96: Dr. Kamal Khaldie, President of the Damascus Chapter of the Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists: The Intellectual Attitude of the Jewish State and Its Impact on the Arab World [Arabic]

6/26/96: Dr. Clovis Maksoud, Director of the Center for the Study of the Global South at The American University (WDC): Arabs and the Dialogue Between Generations [Arabic]

6/19/96: Ambassador of Sudan, Mr. Mehdi Ibrahim Mohammad: The Ideology of the Government of Sudan [Arabic]

6/12/96: Dr. Rima Sabban: Feminist Ideology and the Issues of Arab Women [Arabic]

6/5/96: Dr. Shibley Telhami, Director of The Center for Middle East Studies at Cornell University: The Impact of the Israeli Elections on the Peace Process [Arabic]

6/2/96: Dr. Maria Tayyara, Ahmad Hassan, and Adel Al-Qadi: An evening of poetry and music [Arabic]

5/29/96: Dr. Hamdesa Tuso, Adjunct Professor at The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University: Ethnicity and Conflicts During the Post-Cold War Era [English]

5/24/96: Dr. Sa'adi Al-Houdaisi and Mouzafar Al-Nouwab: An evening of Iraqi poetry and music [Arabic]

5/22/96: Dr. Abdul Khaleq Abdallah, Visiting Professor from the United Arab Emirates to Georgetown University: "Recent American Policy Toward the Arab Gulf" [Arabic]

5/19/96: Al-Tayeb Salih, Sudanese Writer and Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shoush, Sudanese Writer and Professor [Arabic]

5/17/96: Reception: To bid farewell to departing Ambassador of Mauritania, Dr. Ismail Ould Iyahi

5/15/96: Dr. Tawfik Hasou, Visiting Professor from Jordan to the Middle East Institute: The Experience of Democracy in Jordan [Arabic]

5/10/96: Dr. Ghada Karmi, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Durham University in England: The Future of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Diaspora [Arabic]

5/8/96: Dr. Edmond Ghareeb, Professor at The American University (WDC): Changes in Internal American Policy and Their Influence on Foreign Policy [Arabic]

5/5/96: Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT): The Arab Mind: Between Ijtihad and Taqlid [Arabic]

5/1/96: Khalil Jahshan, President of National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA): How the Arab Community Can Act to Influence American Policy Issues Involving the Middle East [Arabic]

4/24/96: Mr. Munir Al-Akash, Editor-in-Chief of "Jusoor" Magazine: Understanding the Ideology that Built America and is Shaping the Arab Future [Arabic]

4/21/96: Dr. James Zogby, President of Arab American Institute: What Arab-Americans can do in the Election Year; followed by open discussion about the current Israeli aggression in Lebanon [English and Arabic]

4/17/96: Dr. Abdul-Monem Al-Mashat, Deputy Dean of the College of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University: Arabs Without Arabism in the New World Order [Arabic]

4/10/96: Ibrahim Abdul-Aziz Shahad, Leader of Libyan opposition group National Front for the Salvation of Libya The Future of the Political System in Libya [Arabic]

4/3/96: Dr. Albert Mokhiber, Lawyer and President of the Association of Arab American University Graduates (AAUG): Bridging the Arab-American Generation Gap [English]

3/31/96: Mohammed al-Makki Ibrahim, Sudanese Writer; and Nouhad Hayek, Lebanese Journalist: An Evening of Poetry [Arabic]

3/27/96: Mr. Ahmed Yehyia Al-Kibsi, Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Yemen: The Recent History and Near Future of Yemen [Arabic]

3/20/96: Mr. Bassam Estwani, President of Dar Al-Hijrah in Falls Church, Virginia: The Role of Islamic Centers in the United States [Arabic]

3/13/96: Dr. Halim Barakat, Professor of Sociology and Arabic Studies at Georgetown University; and Mr. Sadek Sulaiman, former Ambassador of Oman to the United States: "The Role of Religion in Arab Life" [Arabic]

3/10/96: Dr. Philip Salem with Final Remarks by Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Riad Tabbarah: "Upcoming Challenges Facing Lebanon" [Arabic]

3/6/96: Mr. Mohamed Wehbi, Bureau Chief of "Dar Al-Hilal" in Washington and Egyptian magazine "Al-Moussawar"; and Mr. Atef Elghamri, Bureau Chief of "Al Ahram International in Washington and New York: "The Role of Egypt in the Future of the Middle East" [Arabic]

2/28/96: Mr. Al-Kassem Bin Ali Al-Wazir, Yemeni writer and poet: An Evening of Culture [Arabic]

2/25/96: Dr. Khaled Abdallah, Chief Representative of the Arab League to the United States: "Middle East Market or Common Arab Market?" [Arabic]

2/21/96: Mr. Samir Karam, Egyptian Writer and Journalist: The Phenomenon of Extremist Groups in the United States [Arabic]

2/14/96: Open Discussion and paper by Sobhi Ghandour: Recent Arab Experiences: An Analysis of Negative Internal Influences [Arabic]

2/7/96: Mohammed Al-Makki Ibrahim, Sudanese diplomat and writer, and Broadcaster Dr. Ahmed Kheir: Sudan's Relations with Other Arab Countries [Arabic]

2/5/96: Open Discussion with Dr. Mohamed Finaish: To Continue Discussion about Algerian Thinker Malek Bennabi [Arabic]

2/3/96: Iftar at Aladdin Restaurant

1/31/96: Dr. Mohamed Finaish: Algerian Thinker Malek Bennabi [Arabic]

1/28/96: Dr. Anis Obeid: An Evening of Poetry [Arabic]

1/24/96: Mr. Ibrahim bin Ali Al-Wazir, Islamic Thinker: "Living According to Islamic Principles [Arabic]

1/22/96: Open Discussion: The Current Situation in Iraq [Arabic]

1/17/96: Open House and Reception & Dr. Fawzi Al-Asmar, Palestinian Writer: To Welcome Members and Guests to New Location of Center "Divisions in Israeli Society" [English&Arabic]


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