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Events Hosted by Al-Hewar Center in 1998


12/13/98: CELEBRATION OF THE 4TH ANNIVERSARY OF AL-HEWAR CENTER! Featuring a buffet dinner at Kan Zaman restaurant (Arabian House Cafe), music by Omar Al-Issa, poetry by Youssef Abdul-Samad and Fuad Tera, and speeches by Sobhi Ghandour, Dr. Mohammad Finaish, Dr. Khalid Abdullah and Mr. Abdullah Hassan.  Hosted by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani.

12/9/98: A conversation with President of American University's Center for the Global South, Dr. Clovis Maksoud and President of the School of Islamic and Social Sciences (SISS) Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, about "Where is the problem... in the thoughts or in the thinkers?" (in Arabic)

12/6/98:  Discussion, in English, with lawyer Dr. Albert Mokhiber about "Personal and Public Experiences as an Activist Arab American"; followed by a Youth Meeting (ages 20s & 30s)  (in English and Arabic)

12/2/98:A discussion with Dr. Osama Zaki, Director of the Cultural and Educational Bureau of the Egyptian Embassy about "Current Challenges Facing Arabic Culture" (in Arabic)

11/25/98:  A conversation with geologist and former member of the Egyptian parliament, Dr. Rushdi Said about "Water Disputes in the Middle East"  (in Arabic)

11/18/98: A conversation with Ambassador of Syria Walid Al-Moualem, about "Syria and Regional Developments" (in Arabic)

11/11/98: A conversation with Ambassador Nadzib Sacirbey, Ambassador-at-Large for Bosnia-Herzegovina, about "The Renewed Conflict in the Balkans." To be moderated by Mr. Khaled  Saffuri, Executive Director of the Islamic Institute in Washington, D.C. (in English)

11/8/98: A conversation with Dr. Hisham Sharabi, about "The Future of the Palestinian Question"  (in Arabic)

11/4/98: An open discussion about "The Relationship Between Theories and Practice... Making Goals and Achieving Them" (in Arabic)

11/1/98: An Evening of Music and Poetry prepared by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani (in Arabic).

11/1/98: Special Meeting for Arab Youth (ages 20s & 30s) (in Arabic and English)

10/29/98: A conversation with Mr. Camille Nowfel, former State Department interpreter, about "Memories and Impressions about Arab Leaders Meetings with Five American Presidents" (in Arabic)

10/27/98: A conversation with Dr. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute (AAI), about "The Role of Arab Americans in the Upcoming Elections." To be moderated by Mr. Jamil Shami (in English)

10/21/98: A conversation with Thinker and Writer, Mr. Kassem bin Ali Al-Wazir and Mr. Hesham N. Reda, Washington Office Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) about "Conclusions for Arabs About the Challenges of the Twentieth Century" (in Arabic) and Mr. Hesham N. Reda, Washington Office Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) about "Conclusions for Arabs About the Challenges of the Twentieth Century" (in Arabic)

10/14/98:  A conversation with Mr. Mohammad Othman Abu-Bakr, writer and former leader of the Eritrean Liberation Front about "The Current Struggles in the Horn of Africa" (in Arabic)

10/7/98:  A conversation with Dr. Shafiq Ghabra, writer, professor and new Director of the Kuwait Information Office in Washington, about "Kuwait and the Palestinian Issue" (in Arabic)

10/2/98: Film: "Bayni wa Bayniq" ("Between You and Me"), humanitarian documentary about Beirut after the civil war as seen through the eyes of two sisters, one who emigrated and one who stayed. By Dima Al-Jundi. Moderated by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani (in Arabic)

9/30/98: Open Discussion about "The Current Situation in Lebanon and the Upcoming Presidential Election" with comments by Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Mohamad Chatah (in Arabic)

9/27/98: A point-of-view about Gamal Abdul Nasser’s Era by Sobhi Ghandour, publisher of Al-Hewar Magazine (in Arabic)

9/23/98: Open Discussion about "Possible Alternatives to the Oslo Accords" (in Arabic)

9/20/98:  Conversation with lawyer and civil rights activist Houeida Saad about "The State of Civil Rights of the Arab and Muslim Communities in America" (in English)

9/17/98:  Conversation with Sir  Cyril Townsend, Director  of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding and former Member of the British House of Commons, about "A European Look at the Palestinian Problem and Arab Israeli Conflict." Moderated by Dr. Clovis Maksoud (in English)

9/16/98:  Conversation with Reverend Fuad H. Khouri, Pastor at National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. about "Arab Christians and Arabism" (in Arabic)

9/13/98:  Meeting for Young Adults (20s and 30s) (in Arabic)

9/9/98: Conversation with Mr. Ibrahim Al-Wazir, Yemeni Islamic Thinker, about "The Role of Immigrants in Bringing About the Arab and Islamic Renaissance" (in Arabic)

9/2/98: Evening of Literature and Culture with Dr. Yehyia Al-Masri, head of the Arabic Department at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia (in Arabic)

8/26/98: Open discussion about the current violence in Africa and the Middle East (in Arabic)

7/22/98:   Conversation with Ambassador of Bahrain Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Ghaffar about "The Question of Identity in the Arab World" (in Arabic)

7/15/98:   A Conversation with Mr. Turki Alshabanah, President of Arab Network of America (ANA), and Ab Al-Masri and Thabet El-Berdicy of ANA about "The Experience of ANA and its Role in the Community" (in Arabic) 

7/12/98:  Special  Meeting for Young Adults (20s&30s) about "The Role of Young Adults in the Community" (in Arabic)

7/8/98:   A Conversation with Mr. Bassam Estwani, President of Dar Al-Hijra Mosque in Northern Virginia, about "An Islamic Point of View About Diversity of  Opinions" (in Arabic)

7/1/98:   Open discussion about "Building A Better Arab Society" with an introduction by Mr. Sadek Sulaiman (in Arabic)

6/24/98:   An open discussion about "Communicating Across Cultures: Arabs and Americans" (in Arabic)

6/20/98:  Film: "Salah El-Deen (Saladin)" the story of the liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders (in Arabic)

6/17/98:   A conversation with Mr. Mazhar Samman, Vice President of the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce, about "Improving the Balance of Trade Between the Arab World and the United States" (in Arabic)

6/10/98: Meeting to Mark the Beginning of the Tenth Year of Publishing Al-Hewar Magazine and The Arab American Dialogue followed by a Documentary  film about Gamal Abdul Nasser and the 1967 War (in Arabic)

6/7/98:   Special meeting for Arab and Arab-American Young Adults (20's and 30's) to get to know each other and to have a dialogue about your common interests and your vision for the future (in Arabic)

6/3/98:   Conversation with Chief Representative of the Arab League Dr. Khalid Abdulla about "Arabs... and the Relation Between the United States and Israel."  Also: a short documentary about the 1967 War and the bombing of the U.S. ship "Liberty," prepared by MBC TV correspondent Mr. Aziz Fahmy (in Arabic)

5/27/98:   A panel discussion about "The Role of Arab American Organizations Regarding Jerusalem and Palestine," featuring Dr. Hala Salam Maksoud (in Arabic)

5/23/98:  Film:  "Four Women of Egypt," directed by Tahani Rached.

5/20/98:  A panel discussion regarding "How to Address the Issues of Jerusalem and Palestine to the American Public," featuring  Mr. Richard Curtiss, Dr. Murhaf Jouejati and Mr. Ra'afat Dajani (in English)

5/13/98:  Discussion about "The Palestinian Issue and the Future of the Peace Process," featuring Dr. Ahmed Youssef (in Arabic)

5/10/98:  An Evening of  Poetry About Jerusalem and Palestine, prepared by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani (in Arabic)

5/6/98:  A conversation with writer and lecturer  Mr. Alexander Kronemer, about "Building Bridges of Understanding Between Islam and America",  followed by remarks by Islamic scholar   Dr. Fathi Osman (in English

5/2/98:  Film:  "Al-Masseer" directed by Youssef Shaheen (in Arabic).  Compliments of Al-Hikmah Bookstore.

4/9/98.:  A conversation with Dr. Saad H. Al-Adwani, Director-General of The Islamic Saudi Academy, about "Why Teach Arabic Culture in the United States? (in Arabic)

4/26/98:  A conversation with Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani, President of the School of Islamic and Social Sciences (SISS), about "Definitions of Civil Society" (in Arabic) 

4/22/98:  A conversation with Dr. Rushdi Said about "The Coptic church and the Question of Jerusalem" (in Arabic)

4/15/98:  A conversation with Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Mohamad Chatah, about "Twenty Years After the First Israeli Invasion of Lebanon" (in Arabic) 

4/8/98: A conversation with Dr. Mohamad Finaish, former Executive Director  of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), about "The Economic Crisis in Asia" (in Arabic)   

4/1/98: Open Discussion about "Elements of Improvement and of Decline in the Arab World Today" (in Arabic)

3/29/98: An Evening of Poetry with Dr. Anis Obeid and Mr. Yussef Abdul Samad. Prepared by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani (in Arabic)

3/25/98:  A Conversation with Dr. Karim Crow, professor at American University in Washington, about "Islamic Views on Intelligence and Wisdom." (in English and Arabic)

3/18/98:  A Conversation with Dr. Clovis Maksoud, former Arab League Ambassador, about his experiences in India. Moderated by current Chief Representative of the Arab League in Washington, Dr. Khalid Abdulla (in Arabic)

3/15/98.: A Conversation with Dr. Suheil Bushrui, Director of the Kahlil Gibran Chair at the University of Maryland, about "Arab American Cultural Relations: The Achievement of Ameen Rihani." Moderated by Ms. May Rihani (in English)

3/11/98:  Film:  Turkish movie "Nour Al-Iman" (dubbed into Arabic)

3/4/98: A Conversation with Mr. Salem Omeish, former Economist in the World Bank, with "A Spotlight on the economic issues in the 'Neighbors in One World' Report" (in Arabic)

2/25/98: A Conversation with Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, about "Muslims and the Challenges of the 21st Century: Information Technology in the New World Order" (in English)

2/18/98: A Conversation with Ambassador of Egypt, Mr. Ahmed Maher El-Sayed about "The Situation in the Middle East" (in Arabic)

2/11/98: A Conversation with legal expert, Dr. Fethalla Al-Meswari, about "The Relationship Between the International Court of Justice and the Security Council in the Light of the Lockerbie Case" (in Arabic), followed by a discussion with a special delegation from the Algerian Parliament representing different parties from both the government and the opposition, about the situation in Algeria.  

2/8/98: A Conversation with Mrs. Raba al-Sadr Charafeddine, Director of Mu'assasat al-Sadr in Beirut; Mr. Jawdat Sa'id, Syrian author; and Dr. Su'ad al-Hakim, professor at the Lebanese University in Beirut, about "The Islamic Definition of Peace and Violence" (in Arabic)

2/4/98: A Conversation with Dr. Abdullah Bouhabib, Chief of External Affairs for the Middle East and North Africa Unit of the World Bank about "The World Bank and the Economic Situation in the Arab World" (in Arabic)

2/1/98: An Evening of Poetry prepared by Ms. Nahida Fadli Dajani (in Arabic)

1/28/98: Film: a play in Arabic

1/24/98: Evening with the Egyptian Satellite Channel prepared by Mr. Abbas Metwalli (in Arabic)

1/21/98: A Conversation with writer and journalist Mr. Samir Karam, about "The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Jewish Lobby" (in Arabic)

1/17/98: Film from Al-Jazeera TV: Debate between Kuwaiti former Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Rabai and Iraqi newspaper Editor-in-Chief Mr. Salah Al-Moukhtar about "Iraq and Relations with the Arab World" (in Arabic)

1/14/98: A Conversation with Mr. Sadek Sulaiman about "A Look at the Future Through the Lessons of Modern Arab History" (in Arabic)

1/10/98: An Evening of Literature from Morocco with Mr. Mohamed Said Ouafi (in Arabic)

1/7/98: A Conversation with Ambassador of Algeria, Mr. Ramtane Lamamra, about "Ending the Crisis in Algeria, the Dynamic Process Underway" (in Arabic)

1/3/98.: An Evening of Literature from Libya with Mr. Abdullah Hassan (in Arabic)

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