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Opinion: President Macron and Fayrouz
by Melhem Salman, September 2, 2020


A Brief Biography of Dr. Clovis Maksoud, 1926 - 2016
Dr. Mokhless Al-Hariri


4/27/16: A conversation at Al-Hewar Center with Dr. Maher S. Mahmassani about his book:
"Islam in Retrospect: Recovering the Message"
(in Arabic)


My Journey in Ecumenism
Dr. Ghassan Rubeiz, former Secretary of the Geneva-based Middle East World Council of Churches


Will the Cradle of Christianity be Without Christians?
By Dr. Najib E. Saliba*

Democracy Alone is Not the Solution
by Sobhi Ghandour (in English)


Women and Leadership Positions
by Dr. Malak ben Salem at Al-Hewar Center


Years and Days with Gamal Abdul Nasser (Website in Arabic)
By Sami Sharaf (a former Executive Assistant of Nasser)

 أمين الريحاني والتجدّد العربي بعد مائة عام:
كيف نقرأ رؤية الريحاني للتغيير في المجتمع العربي


العراق الحديث بين الثوابت والمتغيرات

 د. طه جابر العلواني (Word file - in Arabic)



Azizah al-Hibri Speech on The Charter of Madinah and Religious Freedom
at the Conference on the Rights of Religious Minorities In Predominantly Muslim Countries
Marrakesh January 2016


Executive Summary of the Marrakesh Declaration on the
Rights of Religious Minorities in Predominantly Muslim Majority Communities

January 25-27, 2016


Despair is the Enemy of Mankind
Love is the Way to God

A Collection of Poems by Walid Keilani (October 2015) (pdf)


What Americans Should Know About the Arab-Israeli Conflict
by Delinda Curtiss Hanley, News Editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Presented at Al-Hewar Center on March 27, 2013


Arab Immigrants and the Palestinian Cause
by Sobhi Ghandour, Voices of New York, December 4, 2012


Gaza is the New Wounded Knee

By L. Janelle Dance and Selma Hedlund*


Heading Operation Pillar of Cloud
"It’s the Occupation, Stupid, not the rockets"
by Rabbi Bruce Warshal*


Al-Hewar Center and IIIT Co-host Seminar on the Question of Identity

March 3, 2012


Through Reconciliation Justice
is Possible in a New Syria

by Ghassan Michel Rubeiz, July 27, 2012


So, What Did the Muslims Do for the Jews?
By David J Wasserstein
The Jewish Chronicle Online, May 24, 2012


The Palestinians: The Forgotten People
By William James Martin, April 22, 2012


Mossad in America

by Philip Giraldi
Council for the National Interest, August 23, 2010


Song in Spanish by Ska-P (on YouTube)
with English subtitles


Major Challenges Facing the Arabs

by Patrick Seale, Gulf News, July 8, 2011


التكامُـل بين ثورتَـي 23 يوليو و25 يناير في مصر.. هل هو ممكن؟

Swiss Info, July 28, 2011


The Oslo Massacre:
The Political Motivation Behind the Ideology of Hate

By Joanne Tucker, Special to Al-Hewar, July 25, 2011


US Congress Loves Being Lied to about the Israel-Palestine Conflict -
When the Truth is So Easy to Discover …

By Stuart Littlewood, Sabbah Report, July 17, 2011


Don't Play into Zionist Hands

Achieving goal of a unified Arab state is the only way to
thwart Israeli designs of fomenting sectarian strife

By Sobhi Ghandour, Gulf News, June 29, 2011


Experts Fear Israeli Design to Balkanise Arab States

By Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani
Information Clearing House,
June 18, 2011


Forces of Change in the Arab World

By Daoud Khairallah, June 2011


Israel Harms Palestinians (And Itself)

My Political Rupture With AIPAC

By Mike Gravel,, May 2011

The Square of Change in Sana’a: an Incubator for Reform

By Atiaf Zaid Alwazir,, April 2011

The Palestine Problem: An Overview

By Walid Khalidi


The Great Popular Revolution in Egypt - A New Era in the Arab World

by Dr. Tarek Omar, Lecture presented at the Eisenhower Institute,
Gettysburg College, PA, March 3, 2011


To God All Religions Belong
A poem by Ahmad Shauqi
translated by Dr. Suheil Bushrui


A Hymn to Liberty
A poem by Kahlil Gibran
translated by Dr. Suheil Bushrui


St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Announces
The Philip A. Salem, M.D., Chair in Cancer Research

A Wish for Christians
by L. Janelle Dance

The Background on Jerusalem in International Relations
by Ziad Asali (Huffington Post)

Core Ideas for a “Good Life” Perspective
“We Must Think Right in Order to

Speak and Act Right”

by Sadek Jawad Sulaiman

The Goldstone Report/
Investigation of the War on Gaza


President Obama's Speech in Cairo
In English            In Arabic

On May 31, 2009, Al-Hewar Magazine celebrated its 20th Anniversary at “Marco Polo Restaurant” in the suburbs of Washington, DC. The program featured a reception and buffet dinner. Speakers were: Dr. Irfan Shaheed, Mohammad Shinnawi, Mohamed Said Ouafi, Sobhi Ghandour, Dr. Issam Omeish, Dr. Rashid Kabbani, and Dr. Clovis Maksoud.  Click on this link for a brief TV report (in Arabic) of the evening made by El Muhajer Channel Website.  Enjoy!

Defining the Reality of Lebanon
by Dr. Clovis Maksoud

American Prestige at Stake
Sobhi Ghandour, Gulf News

Michael Debakey:  The Real Man Behind the Genius
by Dr. Philip Salem

The Death of Many Birthdays
Nothing to Celebrate Until There is a Two-State Solution
L. Janelle Dance

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States
Christopher Ketcham, AlterNet, March 10, 2009

An Israeli Trojan Horse
How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the U.S. Government's Telecom System
and Compromised National Security

Christopher Ketcham, CounterPunch

Obama: Faith Should Unite, Not Divide
Foon Rhee, Political Intelligence

To Gaza, With Love
Media Benjamin,

Bishop Attallah Hanna: A Palestinian Christian Hero
Iqbal Tamimi

Christians and Jews Under Islam
Najib Salib, PhD (English, Word)

Equating Resistance with Terrorism
Al-Hewar Magazine Editorial (translated into English)

What You Don’t Know About Gaza
 Rashid Khalidi, New York Times, January 8, 2009

If Obama Is Serious
He Should Get Tough with Israel

Aaron David Miller, Newsweek

Sermon by the Rt. Rev. John Bryson

Why We Should be Concerned With Christian Zionism

Arab Nations Must Learn from History
by Sobhi Ghandour, Special to Gulf News, October 19, 2008 (in English)


The Role Arab Americans Must Play

by Sobhi Ghandour, Gulf News, August 30, 2008 (in English)


Dr. George Atiyeh (1923-2008)
Head, Near East Section, Library of Congress


Syrian Musician Malek Jandali
Arranges and Performs World's Oldest Music Notation


About Sunnism and Shi'ism in Islam

Sadek Jawad Sulaiman (Word, in English)


Lebanon:  Message and Meaning
Dr. Philip Salem (Word, in English)


The Arab Identity

Sadek Jawad Sulaiman (Word, in English)


Medieval Muslims Made Stunning Math Breakthrough


At Al-Hewar Center:
25 Lessons from 25 years of Interfaith Experience
by Rev. Dr. Clark Lobenstine, Executive Director,
InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (in English, html)


Dialogue Among Civilizations:
Dialectics of the Challenge

Dr. Walid M. Abdelnasser

(in English, html)


Arab-Americans: Suspects or Partners?

Philip A. Salem, M.D. (Word, in English)


The Israeli Lobby
by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
London Review of Books Article (in English, link)


Makkah Declaration of the Third Extraordinary
Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit


One Year in Iraq
by Fuad K. Suleiman, Ph.D.
(html, in English)


Extremism Is Not the Solution

by Sobhi Ghandour (link, in Arabic)
Al-Bayan Newspaper (Dubai), November 17, 2005


A Devil Theory of Islam
by Edward Said (The Nation, html)


At Al-Hewar Center:
Sudan and Arabic Culture
Ambassador of Sudan Khidir Ahmed (in Arabic, html)


Where Do We Stand on Western Civilization?
 by Qassim Al-Wazir (April 2002, html)


A Visit to The Tomb of Al-Mu'tamid Ibn 'Abbad - 
Arab Spain's Poet King

by Habeeb Salloum (in English, html)


Arab Christians are Arabs

by Raja G. Mattar (in English, html)


Elements for an Arab Renaissance

by Sobhi Ghandour

As published in Al-Bayan Newspaper (Dubai), March 31, 2006, in Arabic (link)


An Adventure with Cancer: The Joy and Pain
Dr. Philip Salem (Word, in English)


U.S. Muslim Religious Council Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism;
Muslim Groups Condemn Terrorism
(in English)


Muslim Youth Across America Unite Against Ideology of Hatred
Muslim Public Affairs Council (in English)


A Democratic Paradigm Must Take Shape
by Sadeq Jawad Sulaiman (in English, html)


About National Division in Iraq
by Dr. Taha Jaber Al-Alwani (in Arabic)


Arab Human Development Report 2004
United Nations Development Program
(in English, Arabic, and French)


The Dangerous Risk of Turning Religious Sects in Nations

by Sobhi Ghandour, as published in Al-Bayan Newspaper (Dubai)
October 27, 2005 ( in Arabic, html)


A Conversation with Al-Tayeb Saleh at Al-Hewar Center
 (October 1995), (in Arabic, html)


Dr. Azizah al-Hibri at Al-Hewar Center: 
"What It Means to be an American Muslim"

(December 8, 2004, in English, Word file)


Text of the Taif Agreement and UN Resolution 1559 on Lebanon 
(in Arabic)


An Open Letter to the American People
Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy (in English)


The Lessons of History
by Rashid Khalidi (Global Agenda Magazine, in English)


Palestine Israel 101
Prepared by American Task Force on Palestine  (in English)


Darfur: Apologies and Reconciliation are Better than Bombs
Mohamed Zeinelabdin Mohamed Hamad
Lieutenant General and former Sudanese Ambassador (English, html)


Did You Know?
Facts about the Israeli Occupation (by, in English)


Gamal Abdel Nasser Collection
Project of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina 
in cooperation with the Nasser Foundation (in Arabic)


The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook:
Declassified Secrets from the U.S.-Iraq Relationship
The National Security Archive at The George Washington University (n English)


Language and Message

In the American Strategy to Combat Terrorism

by Sadek J. Sulaiman (in English)


The Media and Dialogue Among Civilizations

by Walid AbdelNasser (in English)


Israeli History 101:
What do you know about Israeli Leaders?
by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh (in English)


'Arabs in America' or 'Arab Americans'?
An Analysis of an Al-Hewar Discussion Forum
on Arab American Identities and Citizenship

by Dr. Caroline Nagel and Prof. Lynn Staeheli
(in English)


Arabic Contributions to the Spanish Language
by Habeeb Salloum (in English)


...And What About Arab Christians?
a presentation by Gabriel Habib at Al-Hewar Center (in English)


My "Passion" Transformation
A Muslim writer raised in a Jewish-Christian family finds his view of 
Jesus and the Crucifixion altered by Gibson's Film
by Alexander Kronemer (link to


Ameen Rihani's Vision of US-Arab Relations
by May Rihani, presentation at Al-Hewar Center on February 25, 2004 

(PDF file, in Arabic)


The Quest for "Moderate" Islam
by Dr. Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad
from a presentation at Al-Hewar Center on February 18, 2004 (in English)


Kahlil Gibran Between Two Millennia
by Dr. Irfan Shahid

The Inaugural Farhat J. Ziadeh Distinguished Lecture  in Arab and Islamic Studies
(University of Washington, Seattle), April 30, 2002 (large PDF file, in English)


The Neoconservatives' Sphere of Influence
From the Christian Science Monitor (in English)


Farewell Address by President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Former President envisions peace, cautions against military arrogance (January 17, 1961) 


US "Empire" and Its Limits
Christian Science Monitor, October 9, 2003 (in English, link)


Saddam Was Key in Early CIA Plot
by Richard Sale (UPI) (link)


Al-Hewar Center Hosts Dr. Majid Fakhry:
“The Dialogue of Civilizations and 
The Prospects for Peace: Islam and the West”
(In English)


Al-Bushra Page on Christian Zionism


Christian Leaders Challenge Religious Right's Ignorance
of Palestinian Christians
(In English)


U.S. Financial Aid to Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact
Link to Washington Report on Middle East Affairs special page


Challenging Ignorance on Islam:
A Ten-Point Primer for Americans

by Gary Leupp


The Arabs I Know
By Frank Fugate (in English)


A Tragedy of Myths 
(Myths about Israel that Keep America from Achieving Peace)

Presentation in PDF Format (in English)


UN Declaration of Human Rights
Link to BBC Website (in Arabic)


United Nations' Collection of Documentation 
On the Question of Palestine (since 1917)
(in English)


What Does Israel Want in the War Against Terrorism?
Editorial in Winter 2002 Issue of Al-Hewar 
(in English, HTML file)


Facts about Arabs and the Arab World
by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
National Association of Arab Americans


Who Are We?  Patriotic Arab Americans in the Military
(In English)


Arab-Americans Who We Are (AAI)
(In English)




About Arabs and Islam


The War on Lebanon


Palestinian Rights 
Articles, Photos, Links, and Other Information


About Gamal Abdul Nasser
Articles, Photos, Links about the Nasser Era


About Kahlil Gibran and Ameen Rihani


Select Editorials by Sobhi Ghandour -- Publisher 
of Al-Hewar Magazine


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